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Bridgewater College - Women's Soccer
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at Bridgewater College
Bridgewater, Virginia

The health and safety of campers is our primary focus. Our summer 2020 camps are currently scheduled to proceed as planned but registration has been put on hold until April 20th. Like you, we are continually monitoring COVID-19 developments.  When registration reopens we will advertise on the Camp Website, college website, social media and send emails notifying that registration has reopen.  

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Our goal is to provide campers an opportunity to learn and develop as a soccer player by challenging them with exciting training sessions and game experiences. Campers will improve their technical and tactical skills while training in a safe and enjoyable environment.

“I encourage all players, particularly juniors, to attend camps at the college or university that they have interest, to showcase their skills to the coaching staff. Nineteen current BC women’s soccer players have come from ASA soccer camps in the past four years.”
- Mike Van Horn, Head Coach



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